Macys Furniture outlet opens in Australia

The Macys outlet is being built in Australia, the company announced on Monday.

Macys Furnisheries in Australia will begin selling its online store in the second half of the year, with the outlet opening to the public on February 5.

The outlet will offer items from a range of online retailers including Amazon, Newegg and Walmart.

Its website says it aims to be the “fastest-growing furniture and home furnishings retailer in Australia”.

Macys has about 30,000 employees across its Australian business.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is visiting the company in the US this week and plans to visit other countries in the coming months.

Macs has said that it aims for its online outlet to be a “major player” in the Australian furniture market, and that it has “a big future”.

“The future of our business lies with the Australian online retail marketplace, and we are building a new generation of Australian furniture,” Macys chief executive, David Hargreaves, said in a statement.

“Australia is one of the fastest growing markets for furniture and we’re delighted to be taking this opportunity to grow and diversify our business with the online retail industry in Australia.”