How Breitbart News covered the Trump impeachment

The story behind Breitbart News’ impeachment coverage of the Trump presidency is one that is long and complex.

It was one of the most complex and convoluted in the news business, and its complexity and ubiquity was not always well understood.

But for the sake of this story, I’ll summarize it here.

As we’ve written before, Breitbart News was a news and opinion site for conservatives.

But it was also an ideological outlet.

It didn’t just report on the Trump administration, it also championed the president’s agenda and the issues he was running on.

Breitbart News also did much of the reporting and commentary on impeachment, including the story of the now-infamous Mayflower Hotel, in which the president is accused of illegally accessing Oval Office emails and of obstructing justice.

In that story, the president was accused of obstruction of justice for using his power of the presidency to cover up the sexual misconduct allegations against him.

Breitbart, which was founded by Stephen Bannon, the chief strategist for President Donald Trump, and ran by Breitbart News CEO Larry Solov, had a long history of covering conservative issues.

But the website began to become increasingly political after the election of President Trump, which coincided with a number of controversies about the Trump White House.

The site began publishing stories on a wide range of subjects, including health care, the economy, immigration, and the president himself.

The articles were generally well-researched, and they covered a wide array of topics, but often were more focused on a particular issue than covering other major stories.

The Washington Post and the New York Times both covered Breitbart News extensively before the Trump era, and both also ran stories about the White House before Trump took office.

The New York Post covered the impeachment story on June 28, 2018.

The Post ran an article by Matt Fuller that called for the president to resign, saying that the president had “a habit of putting his thumb on the scale” in the process.

The article also mentioned that Trump had made it clear that he would not be willing to resign.

It then quoted several people, including Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, who said that the White Houses chief of staff Reince Priebus had told him to not push for the resignation.

Fuller’s article said that Trump’s chief of press office Sean Spicer was the “man in the room” when it came to pushing for the President to resign in the article.

The story was also cited by conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham.

The Hill reported that in the months leading up to Trump’s impeachment, Breitbart was “buzzing with the idea that the President might resign, and a number people close to the Whitehouse suggested that Trump himself may try to do so.”

Breitbart’s editorial board was also discussing the possibility of the WhiteHouse resigning on May 5, 2018, which is just over two weeks after the article was published.

On June 2, 2018 the White house issued a statement saying that Trump would not resign, but the Trump campaign said that they had “no plans” to do the same.

In a tweet, Breitbart Senior Editor Alex Marlow called the story “the most bizarre article I’ve ever seen in journalism” and said that it was “a perfect example of how the Washington Post & New YorkTimes have become political media outlets.”

Breitbart News ran a story on July 9, 2018 saying that Priebus had “confirmed that he and President Trump were considering a resignation, saying the president and his advisers had been ‘working to create a climate of fear.'”

The article went on to say that the campaign had “not yet received any final response from Priebus.”

The Washington Times also ran a piece on July 7, 2018 in which it reported that the Trump team had been trying to create “a climate of panic and fear” to keep him from resigning.

In the article, the Times’ Philip Bump wrote that the administration was “determined to keep the President from resign” even though “the political situation in Washington is increasingly difficult.”

Bump then quoted two people in the White, telling the Times, “I think they’re determined to keep President Trump from resign.

We have a very real possibility of his being impeached, removed from office, and convicted of something.”

The article then cited multiple sources in the administration who said Trump was “considering a possible resignation.”

It also quoted the president, who “told advisers” to “make it absolutely clear that they would not allow him to be impeached.”

Breitbart was one article that had been running about Trump’s presidency, but it didn’t get much attention until after the inauguration of President Joe Biden.

On February 28, 2019, the Washington Examiner ran an editorial about the impeachment process in the Trump Administration, saying, “the Trump administration has been beset by allegations of misconduct and obstruction of Congress.

The White House has tried to deflect blame by saying the President was just following his constitutional duty to obey the law, but those efforts have failed to stop the