Why this ‘Sam’s’ furniture store will be a hit with millennials

If you’re looking for a new way to keep your stuff organized, the Sam’s furniture store is for you.

The store is opening in mid-January, with the first of four locations in downtown Los Angeles.

The Sam’s store is known for its quirky furniture pieces, including the popular Sam’s Carpet, and it has also recently expanded to a more spacious store.

Sam’s, which has been around since 1874, specializes in vintage furniture and accessories, and they are hoping that their new store will draw in younger shoppers.

The chain has been expanding across the country, including in California, which is home to the Sams headquarters.

In March, Sams announced plans to open an office in Portland, Oregon.

Sams plans to keep the Sam’ store focused on vintage furniture, and the company is hoping to attract millennials with its retro furniture.

They’re also opening an online store, where they will sell Sam’s items.

The company says it will sell all items, including Sam’s Vintage Furniture.

Sams said that while the Sam and Bobby’s discount furniture stores are not the same as other furniture retailers, they have similar prices.

The retailer also plans to use social media to promote the new Sam’s location, and have a live stream of the store and its guests.