What do you need to know about pottery?

A new type of pottery has been discovered in an ancient Egyptian site that has been unearthed in the desert of southern Egypt.

It is the first pottery discovered in the world to be made from a metal alloy, according to the Egyptian Antiquities Authority.

It has been dated to between 300 BC and 500 BC, making it the oldest known pottery from the area.

It was also made from an alloy of copper, silver, gold and iron.

The pottery was found at a site called Kadesh, located in the northern desert of the northern Sinai peninsula.

“There is no doubt that the discovery of potter’s wares is one of the most important achievements in ancient Egypt,” said Professor Mark Phillips, director of the University of New South Wales’ Centre for Archaeological Research and the Australian Museum.

“The potter was a master craftsman, a master artisan and, most importantly, an important person in the life of the people of ancient Egypt.”

This is the most significant discovery we’ve had in the last 100 years in terms of its significance and its significance in relation to ancient Egyptian civilisation.

“Mr Phillips said the pottery is the oldest such type of metal artefact discovered to date.”

We know that the potter, the potters, made everything from bronze, silver and gold,” he said.”

So they were making everything from this material, and that is what we’re trying to understand.

“And so what we know about it is that it’s made of copper and it’s got a copper alloy.”

The potters tools include a bronze axe, a brass bowl and a silver hammer.

“You know it’s very early, and we’re only just beginning to find out what these tools were used for,” Professor Phillips said.

The findings are being described as one of an important discovery in the ancient world.

“It’s going to open up a whole new world of knowledge,” Professor Philips said.