How to turn your kitchen into an ashley house

With ashley and her husband home from a trip to the hospital, the couple decided to remodel their home.

Ashley and her son were shocked when they saw the house’s original plan: they wanted to turn it into a small, modern kitchen.

With the help of a builder and his team, the new kitchen is almost ready for the holidays!

Read More to their hearts’ content, Ashley and husband Todd were able to make the project a reality.

The kitchen features a traditional wood frame, a granite countertop, a wood cabinet, and even a granite stove!

The home also features a new bathroom with a new shower and sinks.

Ashley has been working with her family to remodeling the home and now has everything in place for a beautiful new year! 

Ashley says she loves the space.

“The house is beautiful,” Ashley says.

“I’m a big fan of small spaces and the kitchen is just a big piece of that.” 

Ashly and Todd’s backyard is a new addition to their family, with a nice view of the mountains and the nearby river.

“We really enjoy the views and I’m not worried about the water,” Ashley adds.

“There are plenty of waterfalls to explore in this house!” 

The kitchen also features new stainless steel appliances, including a high-end stainless steel countertop and stainless steel sink.

Ashley also has two custom stainless steel cabinets with built-in shelves, a stainless steel cabinet, two stainless steel chairs, and two custom wooden cabinets.

The family also bought a new table top that can accommodate up to six guests. 

“I really love the way the space looks,” Ashley continues.

“It’s a little bit of a modern twist to the kitchen.

I love the modern elements and how we’re able to utilize all the space.” 

In addition to the new space, Ashley has added new finishes to the bathroom and the living room.

“You can really see how I’ve been able to add some character to the space,” Ashley explains.

“In addition, I really love using the granite counter top and granite sink.

I think that’s really cool.”