Why the farmhouse is getting the spotlight in New York

The house you see in the picture above is the one that Bob and Betty Hobbs built in New Jersey in 1963.

It was an oasis of warmth in a city with a cold winter.

The Hobbs’ modest four-room home featured two separate living areas, a dining room and a study.

The front of the house was a porch, but the back was enclosed by a wall of the garden.

And the house had a nice garden.

When Bob and Betsey Hobbs were young, their father, a farmhand, had a farm where they could plant their crops.

They wanted to create something new for themselves.

In the summer of 1963, they decided to move to New York City and begin construction on a farmhouse, complete with a greenhouse, a chicken coop, and a shed.

The two-story structure was built out of scrap wood, plywood, and sheetrock.

The interior was constructed of brick, concrete, and concrete tiles.

It had a small kitchenette, a laundry, and an indoor swimming pool.

The family’s first summer on the property was very peaceful.

The sun shone through the windows and the air was crisp and fresh.

The kitchen was stocked with fresh produce, but not so fresh that the Hobbs couldn’t get through a week’s worth of groceries.

The kids and their parents enjoyed the time they had in the house.

But the house also provided a lot of challenge.

They had to deal with a few birds, including a peacock, and toil over the construction of the greenhouse.

To make the greenhouse larger and more airy, they needed to add a greenhouse-type structure around the outside of the building.

The attic had to be built, too, and the Hobbys had to work out a way to keep all the water from flowing into the garden from above.

In 1964, the Hobbies bought the land where they lived and began building their farm.

The farmhouse became a family gathering place.

In addition to the greenhouse, they had two outdoor areas with seating for family and friends.

And Bob and Bert Hobbs loved it.

They were always outdoors and had a sense of adventure.

In a 1969 interview with the New York Times, Bob Hobbs explained that when they lived on their own, they would go out to the park on weekends.

They would climb up on top of the mountainside and then spend the night there, enjoying the view of the stars.

“We’d go to the parks and see what the weather was like, what the birds were doing,” Bob said.

“It was a wonderful time.”

Today, the farmhouses that the two Hobbs lived on have been restored.

The greenhouse was torn down and replaced with a small shed.

It’s now open to the public, with the Hobbes’ grandchildren playing inside.

The couple’s next house, located in New Hampshire, will be completed in 2018.