What you need to know about the new house

The new home has been designed by architect Mark Lohman and it features a circular living room, terraced gardens and a large kitchen with built-in fridge.

It’s an open-plan home with three bedrooms, three baths, three walk-in closets, two baths with separate shower stalls, a private patio and a terrace.

It also features a kitchenette with a stove and fridge.

There are three entryways, each of which opens up to a large living room with a full kitchen and living area.

There is also a full-size outdoor terrace and balcony.

The new home comes complete with a customised and specially designed carpet, wall-mounted mirrors and custom-made wood-fired stove.

The exterior finishes have also been carefully selected and painted by the designer.

A fully functional laundry and pantry is also on offer.

There is plenty of storage space on the upper floors, with a double bed, sofa, two chairs and a sofa-top wardrobe.

If you’re looking for a stylish home with some serious modern touches, the Lohmans house is one of the most affordable.

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