Which medical equipment is best for outdoor use?

article I have a few tips for outdoor healthcare professionals to keep you safe and healthy.1.

Stay inside and away from hot weather.2.

If you’re worried about heat stroke, be sure to keep your windows and doors closed and keep your home air conditioner and/or fans on low.3.

When you’re outside, be aware of your surroundings, especially when you’re in a car or RV.4.

Take extra care around children and pets.5.

Keep a low profile.

If your home becomes crowded, take your dog or cat to the door or pet carrier and lock it shut.6.

Keep your windows, doors, windowsills and doorsills shut.7.

Never leave your home unattended.8.

Do not use your computer, tablet or smartphone during the heat of the day.9.

Avoid standing in hot weather by placing your feet on the ground and keeping your feet flat on the floor.10.

Avoid using your vehicle’s air conditioning when it’s hot and humid.11.

Always check your windows before leaving your home to avoid condensation.12.

Do a little research before you go outdoors.