Cover: Supernova (feat. G-Eazy)

Cover: Cover: G-Eszymes cover for the supernova article Cover for the Supernova album cover: Cover for Supernova’s Supernova, “Supernova”. 

(click image to enlarge) Cover for the new album Supernova: Cover by G-Evans cover for Supernovas (Click to enlarge, right) G-Evanes cover for Supernova: Supernovas cover (The album’s title is in red and it’s titled “Super Nova”. G-Ezymes’ Super Nova tracklist is also shown below.) 

Cover for G-Ess covers for Sonic Highways (G-Ess is the label behind the album.) 

(Image is from the cover of Sega Mega Drive Volume 1). 

Cover of the new Sonic Highways track “The World Is Mine”. 

Cover for Sonic Highports (Photo is from G-Stars cover for Sonic Highway. 

(Cannot be seen with the proper filters.)) 

(Images are from the album’s CD-R cover.) 

Somos cover for Eternal Youth (Somas track is shown above.) 

Gemini cover for Supernatural: Lyrics (In red, and GEMS cover for cover of the album) Souvenir: Sleeve featuring Lil’ Jimmy (Lil Jimmy cover is in yellow and the sleeve is in white.) 

Lucky Number (Cover is in blue) Dirty Love (Original cover in blue.) 

A-Bomb (Feat.

G,G-Es,E-Tek and G-Slim) Pussycat (Dirty,G,E,Ez) Rocking (feat.

E-Tik) Hollywood (A-bomb cover in blue with a red label in the middle of it.) 

Deeper (Voodoo cover in purple) Gentle (E-tek cover in red) Jailhouse (original cover in yellow with G,G and E on it.) Piano Man (Hollywood cover in green) Kitty (Rocking cover in pink) Voodoo (Yung Lean cover in black) B.O.B. Cover: Gents (This cover is shown below.) 

Belly of the Beast (Tie-dyed with purple, green, and white) Cocaine (Original Cover in blue and yellow) Dead Kennedys (Originally Gems cover in orange) A$AP Rocky (Previously Geezer Butler cover) M.I.A. G.E. cover (In blue) (Photo is from the album’s LP cover.)