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Woodstock, Australia’s oldest shopping mall, has been the focus of a fierce online battle between shoppers who want to get in on the fun and those who want the space to be used for something else.

The online battle, which began in February with an article in The Age, has since spread to more than 40 websites, including the Sydney Morning Herald, the Financial Review and a number of Australian newspapers.

On Monday, the online outlet The Independent published a story headlined “Why is the Woodstock of 2017 so much fun?”, which called for the mall to close its doors in an attempt to “save” the area.

“The Woodstock will have a long, dark past and the world will remember it forever,” the article read.

“It is time the Woodlands of 2017 should close, save the place for something different and for a better future.”‘

The Woodlands’ in the News The article was quickly picked up by the likes of The Daily Telegraph, Fairfax and The Sydney Morning Report, but the Woodstocks website was later taken down.

The article also featured an image of a sign on a nearby fence saying “no trespassing”.

“This is not a park, it is a shopping centre,” the sign read.

“You are not trespassing.

Woodstock is for people.

The Woodlands is not.”

While the online argument is currently at an all-time high, many of the retailers and shops who have already taken the time to take part in the online debate have been quick to say they will not be moving.

“We’re not going to be doing this online,” one retailer told ABC News.

“Our people will be here.

We will be around.””

We know the Woodland is a special place and we want to keep it that way,” another retailer said.

The Woodstocks Facebook page has over 700 likes and over 12,000 likes on Instagram.

Some retailers, like the Australian Woolworths, have even opened their doors to the public to encourage people to participate in the debate.

In a statement, Woolworth said it was committed to supporting the debate and encouraged its customers to participate.

“Woolworths has always been a place where our shoppers are encouraged to have fun, explore the stores and connect with their friends and family,” the statement read.

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