Aussie furniture stores to take a hit with BOBS discount

Aussie stores are bracing for a BOBs discount in the coming months as retailers scramble to sell up to 80% of their stock.

The BOB stock price will hit $50 in 2019.BOTOMA COVE/AFP/Getty ImagesThe BOTOMAs discount on all goods and services will begin on July 1, 2019.

“We are not going to see a wholesale discount on any of our retail products.

We will not see a reduction in our supply of furniture,” Mr Smith said.”

But I think we’re going to continue to see the big retailers doing what they’re doing and selling up to 50% of stock.”

They’re not going away.

It’s going to be a gradual decline in the retail market.”BOTOMEH / REUTERS The BOTomeh, the latest retail casualty of the Australian Government’s plan to phase out the mining tax.

Mr Smith said it was not clear if the retailers would make up their loss or if they would need to increase prices.”

It depends what they have to sell, but we’ve got a lot of inventory,” he said.BOWLER HOUSE/AP The new Bowler House, a three-bedroom property in Sydney’s west, will close its doors.

The iconic Sydney-based chain has had a rough go of it recently.

The last time it closed was in 2015.

It has struggled with the fallout from a $10 million cost overrun on a building it had contracted to build for $1.2 billion in 2020.

It is also facing the prospect of a steep price rise for its newly built, $40 million luxury tower.

The new Bowling House, in the city’s south-west, has had the new owners take on a huge cost overrun.

It was meant to be one of the country’s most sought-after residential properties, but its owner has now made an announcement that the iconic building will not be built.

The Bowler house is one of Sydney’s best-loved and most coveted properties.

The building is part of the Bowler Hotel development and has been a major contributor to the success of the property, which has also been used by the citys biggest arts organisations.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported on Wednesday that Bowler was being forced to consider closing its doors for the final time.

Mr Tootoo said it had been a difficult decision.”

This is the last Bowler,” he told the paper.”

And it’s a difficult one, but it’s the right one.”BANKS ACCOUNTERS/AFP Mr Smith is also expected to address the issues surrounding the sale of the new Bondi Beach shopping centre, which is due to open in 2020, at a later date.

The plan is to sell the property for a price in excess of $40m, but Mr Smith is not expected to discuss the sale with the public.”

The building will be sold to pay off the debt incurred on the project.”AAP/ABC