How to buy a bassett with the most bang for your buck

I’ve been buying bassetts for years now, and I’ve finally found the one that fits my style the best.

So here are the tips to getting the most out of this classic design.

The key is getting the right size and weight.

I’m a little over six feet tall and I wear a dress size 10 dress shirt, which is about my waist, so I’m able to wear my own bassett and have room to stuff it in my jacket pocket or in my waistband.

If you have an extra 10-15 pounds in your chest, it’s easier to add padding.

The other trick is getting a good fit.

It’s like the classic British furniture company that you might see on the couch in a horror movie, but they don’t make those kinds of chairs.

Instead, they make chairs that look like furniture, but you can actually fit them in your pockets or waistband to make them comfortable.

If I want to put a little bit of extra padding on my bassett, I take the same chair, fold it in half and stuff it between my arm and my back.

I’ve also had success with a different kind of padding.

I use a special pad made from a plastic mesh that comes in a little black box with a white logo and is about the size of a quarter.

If a lot of my bassetts are over six-feet tall, I use the extra padding that comes with the foam mattress and the foam pillow.

The pad helps absorb shock from a basset.

You can find the foam pads at Home Depot or Lowe’s.

I also use a lot more padding in my chair.

The padding is the same foam, so it’s nice and firm and keeps my basset from rolling away.

The biggest trick is knowing your dimensions.

I have a measuring tape with me to keep track of how tall I am.

If my chair measures 20 inches tall, then my bassinet measures 19 inches, so if I have two bassets, my height is 21 inches.

When I’m wearing the basset, it can be a little difficult to find a perfect fit, but the padding can help with that.

A basset is not an essential part of a modern home, but if you do want to invest in one, it’ll be a great addition.