Pottery Barn to open new location in downtown Denver

Denver, CO—A new pottery store is set to open in downtown, bringing a new breed of artisanal food and drink to the city.

The Pottery, a new destination in downtown that will also be the site of a brewery and taproom, will offer the same delicious fare as the popular outdoor spot.

The new location is located in the city’s historic Art Museum district, just steps away from the iconic historic Downtown Denver Hotel and its famous rooftop bar.

Located in a former theater, the new Pottery will offer a new menu featuring craft beers, wine and spirits.

The company plans to open this spring, with the first location in the Denver Downtown area, just off the Art Museum.

The brand will focus on locally sourced products, while offering a mix of traditional and new releases.

The store will also offer a limited-edition, hand-crafted, handmade glassware collection that is limited to only 500 pieces.

Pottery also plans to add a dedicated, curated bar, with an on-site chef and a rotating menu.

The location will also have a rooftop patio, a beer garden and outdoor seating, according to a press release.

This is the third time that a new outdoor location has opened in Denver.

In 2017, The Potty Kitchen opened a spot in the iconic Denver Opera House, which is now the home of the theater.

In 2018, the former Art Museum opened a second outdoor location in a downtown parking garage.

It also opened in 2017 in the Downtown Arts District. 

In the future, the company plans on expanding to more locations. 

The new location will feature a more contemporary design and menu that focuses on seasonal offerings.

The outdoor seating will be expanded, with more seating available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The store will feature an onsite kitchen, and the team will work to ensure a healthy, environmentally friendly food experience for the guests.

It will also feature a signature menu that will be curated by local chefs and food lovers.

The food will be available in the same menu that the restaurant offers, which includes more traditional items, and also a variety of new dishes, including a new signature salad that has been a hit with diners, according the press release from Pottery.

“Denver is a city that has a history of growing in the culinary and artisanal sector,” said Kevin Bresch, co-founder and CEO of PotteryBarn.

Our vision for the future is to open more than just one location, and we are excited to partner with our Denver partners to bring a new dining experience to the Denver area.”