When Is Your Birthday?, Supernova?

IGN has been teasing a Supernova-themed show for sometime now, but now we know what it will be.

It’s going to air in 2018, which means that the Supernova will be around for the first time since 2011, which makes this the year of the Supernovae, and of course, the Supernows.

Supernova is an annual event that happens every July.

The event starts in a small town called New Hampshire, and will be held at the nearby supernova observatory, which is located in Flagstaff, Arizona.

The event itself has been around since the late 1980s, when the observatory began observing supernovae.

That’s when NASA and the National Science Foundation teamed up to launch the supernova camera and began the process of tracking supernovas from their supernova’s point of origin.

Supernovas are very powerful explosions, and the camera takes photos of these massive explosions to provide astronomers with a way to track them.

The supernova photography program has also been used to observe other supernova, like KIC 8462852, and they’ve been used in NASA’s Supernova Timelines for many years.

The Supernova Event Calendar, a website created by the Superstars Network (SSN), is used to track the SuperNova calendar, and it’s been updated annually since 2011.

In 2018, SSN has put together a calendar that includes the first Supernova, which happened on July 7, 2020.

The calendar also includes the last one, which occurred on June 30, 2020, but it was also the last Supernova of the year, so we’ll have to wait and see if it will have any more Supernoms.

If there are any, we’ll probably see them here soon.

The calendar also lists the times of Supernova events in various cities, and we can expect more of these events in the coming years.

But, there’s one other interesting tidbit in the calendar that is pretty much guaranteed to come up on this one.

Supernova year is the anniversary of the destruction of the Sun by the Big Bang.

The Big Bang was a big deal, and in a sense, it was the end of the world for all of us.

However, it also heralded the beginning of an era in which the Sun would continue to grow and grow, and that is what we are celebrating on this calendar year.

The year 2020 will be one of the most exciting times of the century, and Supernova Week is an important time to celebrate.

It means that scientists around the world are working on the next generation of telescopes and observatories that will help us better understand the universe.

The observatories we’ve got here at the Big Leagues are designed to see the Universe in a way that is both new and familiar.

They’re also built for a different time and place, and there’s no reason that we should forget that.