Why is there so much rubbish on the roads?

More than 80 per cent of road deaths and injury is linked to the road, according to the latest data from the National Road Safety Foundation.

The Foundation’s Road Safety Trends report reveals there are now 1,200 road deaths each day in Australia, and more than 1,300 road injuries.

But there are many more serious and preventable deaths and injuries due to road traffic.

The Foundation says more than 70 per cent are caused by road traffic collisions, and many people don’t know how to identify and properly handle these potentially life-threatening situations.

“If you’re not familiar with the risks of road traffic collision, you may not be aware of what the first thing to do if you’re hit is call 999 or take your car to a hospital,” the Foundation’s Director of Communications Kate Kelly said.

Road safety charity RoadSafe says the majority of road fatalities are due to driving while intoxicated, with almost two thirds of those cases linked to a drink or drug test.

Ms Kelly says the Foundation data shows there is a lot of misinformation about road safety, and she wants people to be aware that road traffic is dangerous.

“The key to road safety is to be responsible, to not drink and drive and drive responsibly, and be safe,” she said.

“If it’s your first trip to Australia, you might want to consider whether you want to be travelling on the country’s roads or on private property.”

For most people, driving on a public highway is safer than driving on private land.

“The foundation says the vast majority of fatal road crashes involve vehicles travelling at speeds of less than 25 kilometres per hour.

It also says a quarter of all road deaths are caused when a pedestrian or cyclist is hit, and that a third of all pedestrian fatalities are the result of road collisions. ABC/AAP