If you want to buy cheap furniture, the best places to start are online

A new report from the consulting firm IHS finds that while the internet may have a long way to go to get everyone on the same page, it’s also likely to be the place to find cheap furniture.

IHS says that about a third of the furniture sold in the US in 2017 was made overseas, with nearly half of the world’s furniture being manufactured in China, South Korea, and Taiwan.

For 2017, that represented nearly 40% of the country’s furniture supply.

While the majority of this furniture is sold in retail stores and online, IHS also found that about half of this inventory is being bought by consumers in online and brick-and-mortar stores.

“While the internet is likely to provide more options for people to buy furniture, it is unlikely to be able to provide the same level of quality and functionality for every user,” the firm wrote.

“The most promising new service for furniture buyers is the online marketplace.”

The company also said that its survey also found a wide variety of furniture styles, from traditional furniture to futuristic-inspired designs.

The company found that nearly two-thirds of consumers said they’d consider buying furniture online, and two-fifths of them would consider purchasing online if the service offered the same quality and value as their local brick- and-mortars.

For its latest report, Ihs looked at the total value of the goods sold in 2017, as well as the price of the items sold, including their manufacturer, and the cost of shipping and handling.

The average online price of a piece of furniture in the United States was $7,917, and that of a similar piece of home furniture was $5,959, according to the report.

The same report found that the average cost of the piece of wood or metal for the same piece of non-essential furniture was about $1,200.

For a piece in the home office, it was about an additional $3,000.

However, IH says that this may not be as good as a full house of furniture.

“With this survey, we found that most people who bought furniture in 2017 considered it a high-quality product, but this is not necessarily true for every product they purchased,” the report states.

IH has not done the same for the average price of each piece of domestic and imported furniture, nor did it look at the cost and quality of online and offline sales of furniture products.

The report does say that most of the online furniture was made by Chinese-based companies, and there were also some Chinese brands like Cintiq and CNC, which were found to be highly successful online sellers.

“There are more than 80 percent of domestic furniture products made by domestic brands in the world, and these are not the same products sold by domestic companies, which are typically made by international suppliers,” the study said.

For example, there are more CNC machines in the USA than in China.

Ih also found some differences in the price and quality between online and local retailers.

For furniture items, there is a wide range of different styles, but there are also different prices for certain styles.

For instance, there’s a lot of competition for low-cost options in the online store.

“For example, the prices of a large selection of low-priced Chinese brands may be cheaper than the prices for similar items in a larger online store, and for the low-price items in an online store the online retailer may not have to make a profit from the sale, which may reduce costs for the retailer,” the IHS report stated.